Fed up of metropolitan life? Looking for a spiritual rebirth? Craving for a simple life and back-to-nature adventures? Touch down at Sharm El-Sheikh and experience blissful destinations such as St. Catherine, the Heavenly Church, AL-Mostafa Masjid, and the Colored Canyon.


Sharm El-Shekih Airport:

Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport HESH is located at 23 KM NE from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh.


St. Catherine:

Built in the 6th century by the order of Emperor Justinian I, St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mt. Sinai are both revered and sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims equally.

It is considered the oldest running monastery to preserve the distinctive qualities of its Greek and Roman heritage. Equally invaluable is its library with a vast collection of early Greek, Arabic and Coptic codices and manuscripts that are outnumbered only by those present in the Vatican Library.

Enjoy a holy spiritual trip to the monastery which is guarded by Arab Bedouin tribes living around it. Experience the harmonious Christian-Muslim co-existence embodied in a Fatimid masjid built within the walled compound of the monastery. Finally climb Mt. Sinai to witness a re-birth of life with the glamorous sun rise.


The Heavenly Church:

Recently constructed in Hay El-Noor district in 2010, The Heavenly Church with its twin rectangular towers dominates the skyline. Watch the walls come to life with Biblical scenes such as The Creation and The Exodus. Be ready for time to stand still under St John’s vision of The Apocalypse, which can be seen staring sinisterly down upon visitors.


Al-Mostafa Masjid:

Finished in 2008, this Islamic jewel features two 72 m tall minarets and a charming dome against a mountainous background, all of which are surely to fly you back in time. This architectural beauty with its marble slabs and multi domes well-lit at night is a mesmerizing touristic landmark in Sharm El-Sheikh.


The Colored Canyon:

An 800m long labyrinth of rocks on Sinai Peninsula, the Colored Canyon is an exciting must-do for those who visit Sharm El-Sheikh. The nearest town to the canyon is Nuweiba and it is 90 km north of Dahab

Climb over walls and crawl into cervices under the warm sun. Feel the warm shades of red, brown, purple and gold in rock formations; listen to the wind humming against the rocks. No artist’s brush can create magical paintings as Mother Nature itself. It is a spellbinding!


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