Mission and Vision

A world-class aviation service company that establishes a thriving business partnership with airline companies and delivers unique traveling experiences to its passengers.
With first-rate quality services, safety and security at the core of our philosophy, we work relentlessly to provide our clients with smart, client-tailored and cost effective array of services through our quick-thinking, proactive and cooperative staff. Being client-oriented and sensitive to their diversity ensures that our various services will win their satisfaction.


Our Philosophy

Slogan ((Be Diverse, Unique and Esteemed)) Be DUE

Being DUE (Diverse, Unique and Esteemed) is the power that gives life to our core values. We highly believe in diversity among people and the richness it adds to human interaction. Being DUE is embodied in every value we pride ourselves to hold.

Research and knowledge

Customer satisfaction and professional will only be possible if they are supported by continuous research and accumulated knowledge and experience. Research gives us new perspectives that help us better cater to our clients worldwide.

Continual training

In a dynamic world and the constantly changing aviation industry, regular training is a must to provide our staff with fresh insights and methodology to serve our valued customers. 


Professional Proactive Staff

Our high caliber staff is dedicated to presenting exceptional services to both our esteemed working partners and passengers by providing with creative solutions tailored to their needs. Our proficiency stems from the long history our managers have had in the aviation business, giving them insight into practically every level of management and workflow. We do not react to events. We anticipate and plan for them.

Top-class and cost-effective services

We fully understand the paramount importance of providing best-in-class services that are also cost-effective. Not only should the services be world-class, but they should also adhere to the standards of safety and security that ensures smooth and efficient workflow and enjoyable traveling experiences.

Client Satisfaction

In Aviary, we believe that our people, both staff and clients, are the power; the essence of our identity and our work. We highly value our clients’ satisfaction, feedback and long-term business relations with them. We work tirelessly to provide first-rate services that go beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our Team

The idea of Aviary originated when its founders -to-be noticed that ground handling services lacked professionalism and real standardized high-quality services. Having been in the aviation industry for more than two decades, our veteran team who have worked together for 20 years bought Spring Tours for Aviation Services founded in 1975 and changed the name to Aviary. Our compelling dream, prime concern aim and genuine mission are to provide our valuable clients and partners with real professional, qualified, reliable and luxurious services that meet their needs and even more. We ensure you that your needs whatever they are will be meet with our flexible and creative solutions, whether they were commercial, private, VIP, cargo flights, or official visits. Our veteran managers with 25 years of experience in passenger and ramp services work hard to apply their excellent expertise to all the top rated services we offer. Continual training is one of the most influential concepts upon which our company is founded. Hence, the regular training and sessions our operation team receives. Our powerful professional network and widely-spread connections, in Egypt and globally, are what gives us clear insight into our clients’ backgrounds and needs and directs us towards developing clients-oriented smart solutions.


Mahmoud Farrag


He is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded business leader who, since early 1988, has gained extensive experience makes him an ideal fit for AVIARY next stages of growth

Hazem Saaid


He has very significant business experience since 1997 and expertise in growing and improving businesses with an emphasis on partnering and customer relationships.

Mohamed Adel


He brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience and technical breadth since 1994 that will match AVIARY’s coming vision.

Sameh Bishady


He is an accomplished leader, with a track record of managing the airports stations for a long time and his contribution towards the sector has been phenomenal since 1998

Sheraton Buildings District, 03 Abdelhamid Badawi Street, Square 1122, 7th Floor Postal Code 11757 | Cairo – Egypt Phone : +20 222 687 900 Fax : 20 222 687 905 ops@aviary.aero