Our Services

Operator Representation

Seeking to earn and treasure our airline work partners’ trust and appreciation, we work tirelessly and dedicatedly to represent them and provide our mutual clients with superior aviation services. We represent our highly esteemed airline companies in front of the civil aviation authority and local authorities. Using our  connections to facilitate permits and official documents. We ensure that all expenses are covered to streamline our airline work partners operations. Your Trust and Success is Our Main Concern.


Aviary operation team work efficiently and proactively in cooperation with local and global civil aviation authorities to ensure the availability of necessary aviation permits on time; namely overflight permits and landing permits. We work productively with our partner airlines to achieve seamless flights.

Ground Handling


In its earnest endeavor to provide its clients with a wide range of ground handling services that conform to the highest standard of safety, security, quality and cost-effectiveness, Aviary supervises all its subcontracted services. They are checked by Aviary professional expert supervisors who inspect aircraft handling operations as laid down by IATA standards for aircraft handling.

Ramp Services
Having been long experienced at the technical details of ground handling, Aviary managers and operating team work sincerely to ensure they meet the continuously changing clients’ needs. With quality and time taken into our consideration, we plan and execute our Critical Path operation while strictly adhering to rigorous standards of on-time performance.  Our operating team systematically observes the details of each process, with special effort and consideration to security measures and safety measures. Our operating teams accurately carry out ramp coordination procedures to ensure every aircraft turnaround is completed within the time allocated and complying with all safety, security and quality laid-down standards within the standard ground time. Moreover, our operating teams are highly trained and experienced to handle aircraft within minimum transit time in case of aircraft delay.

Passengers Handling  

We highly value our working partners’ trust and passengers’ comfort, security and time. We strive to present prime our cooperation to our airline partners by providing their passengers with a premium array of services designed to match our valued clients’ needs. 

Our Passenger services includes : 

• Airport Ticketing Sales Desk

• Arrival and Transfer Services 

• Automated Boarding Pass

• Check-in Services

• Pre-Flight Editing, Post Flight Messaging and Other Activities 

• Baggage Tagging and through Check-in

• Baggage Reclaim 

• Directing Passengers from the Gate to Immigration, 

• Customs Formalities

• Transit passengers needing check-in for their onward flight

• Gate Services

• Lost and Found Services

• Lounge Services

• Passengers with Special Needs and Unaccompanied Minor Passengers

• VIP Services


We give our clients memorable experiences onboard their flights. Whatever your gourmet fancy is, we cater. Only fresh ingredients and drinks are selected to prepare your mouth-watering high- standard meals served to you at your convenience, no matter what the cuisine is.


Top-quality fuel is the driving force of safe, efficient and time-saving flights. We highly regard our standards of safety, cost control, inventory management with a clear emphasis on environmental compliance and responsibility as well as precisely responding to our clientele’s needs. The safety and security of aircraft are our prime concern.

Safety and Security

Our esteemed working partners and clients’ security is our prime concern. Terrorist acts and unlawful interference have taken their tolls on today’s aviation industry. It has become an essential priority that we counteract that by highly-trained security department that respond to dynamic world as today’s aviation industry. Our security operations are rigorously based on IATA and ICAO Annex 17 security measures and approved by our CAA.   Our security services extend from check-in desk, gate security measures to sorting area security and aircraft security. In addition, we pay extra care to landside security services which include security escort to crew and VIPs to guarantee our clients outstanding traveling experiences in which they dedicate their full attention to the purposes of their visits, whether they are for business or pleasure.


Trained and certified operation team 

Driven by our foremost core value, the security of our operation team, our working partners and our passengers, our security team are highly trained and certified by the Civil Aviation Authority before handling flights and operating any vehicles or support equipment. Our airline partners are bound to encounter smooth work experiences.


Rules and regulations 

All Aviary airside operations are founded on precise IATA and ICAO security regulations. We supremely appreciate working closely with authorities and customer airlines to ensure that security controls and safety measures are applied. Annual audits and spot checks verify safety compliance. Safety lapses and failures, no matter how minor they are, are reported and promptly dealt with.

Our Landside Services include:

• Security Crew Escort 

• Security VIP Escort

• Armed Vehicles 

• Armed Security Guards


Our Airside Services include:

• Check-in Security Measures

• Boarding Gate Security Measures

• Sorting Area Surveillance

• Escorting Baggage from Sorting Area to Aircraft

• Aircraft Access Control

• Baggage Holds and Compartment Access Control

• Catering Escort

• Aircraft Sealing 

• Baggage Identification



Safety is our paramount concern. All our standardized safety protocols and procedures are governed by our sincere and dedicated efforts to provide a safe working environment for our esteemed work partners. We tirelessly perform meticulous thorough measures, based on IATA and ICAO regulations, to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers. Your Safety is our focal point.



Meet and Assist

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, time is a valuable asset that cannot be wasted. Whether you are a traveling unaccompanied minor or an elderly, we do understand your needs. Our welcoming Meet & Assist team is eagerly waiting to facilitate your arrival, transit or departure formalities.

Our services include

  • Guiding through Customs
  • Baggage Retrieval Using Fast Track Immigration
  • Dedicated Check-in Area
  • Premium Lounges for VIPs.
  • Limousine

Visa Arrangements 

In a rapid changing industry as aviation traveling, creative solutions and alternative plans are essential. We provide various solutions for visa arrangements for all nationalities, especially crews; Normal Visa, upon arrival and Crew Index Visa for crew layovers.


Having arrived at the airport, what could be more tempting for our esteemed clients than enjoyable ride to comfortable luxurious accommodation? Aviary escorting team is waiting to welcome and escort both crews and VIPs to their accommodation. We offer highly rated vehicles to convoy our valued clients to the hotel at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves in choosing first-class car rental companies so that top-rated luxurious vehicles will be at your beck and call at the airport. Our services are not limited to transportation; they include armed/ unarmed security team upon request for both crews and VIPs. Fast, smooth and secured transportation is at the core of our concierge services.

For our adventurous clients, crews and VIPs, who want to get behind the wheel, we gladly satisfy their fancies through a wide range of vehicles through our Car Rental Service, be it a 4WD, sports car or a sedan. We tend to every taste.

Hotel Accommodation 

Experienced at our local and foreign markets as well, we are sure to find our clients the best choice that satisfies their whims and suits your budget. We totally understand the diversity of our clientele and tend to their various needs, whether they are crews or VIPs. For business clients with scheduled or unscheduled layovers, we provide a wide range of business airport hotels and downtown hotels. For VIPs and passengers traveling for pleasure, we provide luxurious downtown hotels and resorts. We work creatively with our airline partners to provide our VIPs with memorable experiences at luxurious resorts and beyond imagination amenities.


Cargo handling is our specialty that we have over 24 years’ experience in, as we handle all kinds of cargo disregarding if its perishable or heavy cargo along with our cargo warehouse partners that have all needed facility space and equipment to handle all kinds of cargo safe and of course secure.


Why Aviary Chartering

Aviary operation team pride themselves in cooperating with partner airline companies to provide seamless professional chartering services. We dedicated no less attention or effort to our valued clients and esteemed VIPs. Our prompt chartering services are sure to reach our clients wherever they are and escort them safely to their destinations.

  • Flight representation: our team will meet and assist you on ground to make sure your charter preparation run efficiently and professionally.
  • Create your schedule: Whatever your destination and timing are, we are sure to provide our prestigious clients with chartering services that suit your needs and time. Flexibility is one of our core values of chartering services.
  • Access to more airports: With Aviary chartering services, our highly valued clients have access to a wide range of airports.
  • Save time: In Aviary, we fully understand time as essential factor for success. We promise our prized clients on time highly safe and secured charter flights.
  • Global coverage: Our operation team’s experience of global geography undoubtedly assists our clients in determining their exact destinations.
  • Cost efficiency: Aviary’s operation team work tirelessly to offer our highly valued clients with a wide range or chartering with unbeatable prices.
  • Choice of aircraft: Whatever the aircraft that best suits your chartering purpose, we are sure to provide; turbo props, light jets, mid-size jets,  heavy jets, long-range jets and VIP airlines, just to name a few.
  • Personal account manager: Fully- committed charter experts are available around the clock to check that the services offered are up the rigorous chartering standards and regulation. Our responsive and proactive experts can also tend to any unexpected late changes.

Private Chartering
For our valued clients who prefer privacy and direct flights and are governed by time-sensitive schedules, we provide a range of private chartering services.

Our services include:

  • Private Jet Chartering
  • Business Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Air Taxi
  • Air Ambulance


Commercial Flight Chartering
Aviary chartering team is capable of handling commercial flight chartering as efficiently and accurately as they do private chartering. We tend to various needs and tastes.

Our services include:

  • Personnel chartering
  • Series Chartering
  • Emergency Chartering
  • Events Chartering


Cargo Chartering
No matter how huge or sensitive your cargo is, we provide a wide variety of aircraft that matches your requirement and delivers your freight safely on time.

Our services include:

  • Urgent Cargo
  • Heavy Cargo
  • Remote Destination Cargo
  • On Board Courier


Chartering Solutions
Chartering means diversity and tending to clients’ various needs. In Aviary, we provide our honored clients with many solutions: chartering services that reach them wherever they are and escort them safely and securely to their destinations while ensuring their comfort on board their chartered flight.

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